Awkward Or Embarrassing Moments in Public 🌪☄️🌎💥

Have you ever done anything embarrassing in public? Yes, most people have whether they’re willing to admit it or not.

It can be something small like accidentally mixing up words. One time I accidentally texted the word sex instead of sec to my dad… I was about 16 at the time, talk about awkward! Also, one time when I was about 12 I accidentally kissed my dad on the lips instead of the cheek when I was saying goodnight… I just walked away shocked, not knowing what to say. It wasn’t my fault that he moved at the last minute! Neither one of us said anything. Awkward memories will haunt you forever… 👀 -Just like these eyes.

After a scary movie (I’m a complete wuss, it’s pathetic) I always feel like someone is watching me. Even in the daytime… At night it’s worse. Every time I think about creepy things (every thirty seconds) I’m over there switching the lamp on and off to make sure Annabelle isn’t in the corner ready to kill me. Freaky doll. Actually based on a real doll too. Look it up on google Annabelle was real. She didn’t kill anyone as far as I know, but she attempted to. To this day the real Annabelle is locked up in a box in a museum.

Back to the topic at hand. Maybe you’ve at some point in time let out some form of natural gas from your body. Heads up, if you’re swimming in water in a pool, at the lake, or taking a bath with the spouse, there is no hiding a fart under water. (Unless you’re on the opposite side of the boat as everyone else, then you can hide it) If someone swims around right after you let one rip though, you’re screwed if you recently had beans. Farts seem to like to linger on the surface of water like they don’t want to leave you. But there’s usually no hiding it. Bubbles will rise. Then the undeniable smell comes after like a fog of death moving slowly, but once it hits you, you want a gas mask. Way to ruin a romantic moment while taking a bath with the hubby, am I right?

Next, farts under the covers. This can be for anyone. Husband and wife or just having a sleepover with the friends. People of all ages, even kids. Although they tend to just laugh at their embarrassing moments, especially little boys. Heck teenage boys are the exact same now that I think about it. When guys get together no mater what age… embarrassing stuff is usually seen as funny. Either way, you just have to squeeze those cheeks and hope you can hold it in. If you can’t, just pretend you’re asleep and pray the other person is too so they don’t smell it. There’s really nothing you can do at that point. If they find you out, let the cover fanning and exclaims of disgust begin.

My boyfriend was tickling me one time and I could feel a fart on the verge of coming out so I sank down on the floor and sat down hoping he would give up tickling me… He didn’t. I farted. My boyfriend then ran away from me through the house yelling that I farted. Drama queen… Needless to say I was as red as a tomatoe and I hid from him for a good ten minutes after that. That wasn’t the first time it happened, either. The first time I ever farted around my boyfriend, I farted on him. This time too it was his fault. He was tickling me. We were originally messing around on the ground wrestling, Although I don’t think it can be called wrestling when he was clearly winning and not putting forth any effort whatsoever. He grabbed me and pulled me on top of him, my back was on his chest, and he proceeded to tickle me. I didn’t feel it coming this time, unlike the other time, and I ended up laughing so hard that I farted on my boyfriend. Good times… (not?) I cried I laughed so hard. I was hysterical as well as embarrassed, but there was no denying that I had just farted on my boyfriend. Him running around yelling crazy things didn’t help, I just couldn’t stop laughing. To this day he teases me about farting on him. We both are able to have a good laugh about my embarrassment. Him a little more than me, I think.

Once, when I was twelve I belched so loud in a quiet Swiss restaurant. That was the first time I had ever burped out loud outside of my home. At home I was proud of my loud burps, since I looked up to my older brother who’s hobby was burping. My brothers didn’t help raise a lady, let’s just say that… Anyway, everyone in the entire restaurant (including my family) looked straight at the shocked little 12 year old me who was probably still 70 pounds, like they were wondering, “How did that come out of that tiny girl?!” I didn’t mean to burp, it just slipped out. I tried to hide under the table.

Has anyone ever lost a swimsuit top (girls) or swimsuit bottoms (girls or guys)?  I have. I’m into water sports for fun. Fun as in I don’t compete or anything, I just like to get out there and have a blast even when I crash and make a fool out of myself every time. Thankfully though, every time I lost a piece of swimsuit (yes it has happened multiple times) I was able to save myself from being seen, for the most part I think. I really don’t know to be honest. Someone on another boat could’ve seen my bare butt and I would never know. Food for thought.

Everyone has had embarrassing moments at one point or other. Some people (me) have them continuously in a never ended cycle of awkward or embarrassing times. But hey, if it makes other people laugh, I guess it’s not the end of the world for me. 😜

Feel free to comment your own embarrassing moments! It would make me feel better. 😂

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