The World Isn’t All Bad-Thankfully

Good news! The guy that we thought had skipped town (we couldn’t make contact for 2 months, so we assumed) well it turns out that he didn’t. His father just died and he’s having to deal with all of the affairs, and his wife is divorcing him. She cut off his phone, where all of his contacts were, including business contacts, and he wasn’t able to contact anyone. His lawyer finally made her turn it back on so that he could backup his contacts.

Needless to say, we’re very happy! He is still planning on doing our installation, and he is actually a very nice guy. We had thought so from the very beginning, but after no contact for 2 months, we were starting to become skeptical. I’m glad we were wrong in the end, or right in the beginning, either works.

Things aren’t always what they seem. As a race, humans tend to think of the worst cases scenarios. It’s nice when things turn out well or have a happy ending!

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