Art- Art Galleries- Painting- Paper Mache- Touring- Local Attractions

Today I visited multiple small art galleries downtown. I played tourist in my own town. It was fun!


This piece above is a paper mache piece. It was one of my favorites.
This was the first painting (in the first store I went into) that I really liked. It’s another one of my favorites. It’s so vibrant, it brings out many strong emotions just from looking at it. I could stare at this forever.


These two were very unique, I liked how colorful and creative they were. Very interesting pieces.


I’m not typically one for planet-type themes but I admired how well these were done. The pictures I took don’t do any of the paintings justice, since I used my phone, but I thought I’d share them anyway.
The detail in this duck paining was amazing. I was very impressed. You can’t tell from these photos, but it was very nice.
It may not be a paining, but this is still art. I really liked these.

IMG_7966You can never go wrong with a sunflower. I love the contrasts in the pictures above and below. IMG_7967IMG_7968I love farm animals (I own horses) but the cow paintings were very interesting. They were very colorful and expressive.IMG_7970IMG_7971IMG_7972

Above are the other 4 oil paintings I mentioned earlier. They are all painted by the same man. Apparently every now and then he paints for a crowd. I would love to see that. All in all, today I had a great day. I even tried Japanese soda called Ramune. It has a marvel in the cap that you pop down into the drink. Very refreshing. Also, ice cream in a cone while walking down the street in the downtown area is a blast. 

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