Grandparent’s Day ~ Sports ~ Water Sports ~ Football ~ Staying Active

Happy Grandparent’s Day! Today I went to the lake with my brother, sister in law, and my Granda. Unfortunately my Grandma was sick so she had to stay home.

It was only my second time going to the lake this summer–which is pretty much over already–and the water is already pretty chilly. It’s been in the upper 50’s at night. (Very rare for this early in the year) Thankfully it was in the 80’s (F) today. It’s been very strange for my state this year. It didn’t get into the 100’s once, which it usually does at least a couple of times, and the trees are still green in September! They are usually already pretty brown. Is been unusually cool and we’ve had an unusual amount of rain this summer. It’s been great. It hasn’t been so much of a dust-bowl.

My family is very into sports and staying active. More so a few years ago, though. Today we water skied. I’ve been skiing since I was little, both water and snow. I have to say I think I like snow skiing better. Unfortunately I haven’t been in years, since I live in the south, but I hope to go in the next few years. Colorado is my favorite place to go.

There are typically two types of people. People who like to play sports; and people who like to watch others play them. (There are some people who like both) I would rather play it myself. The other day I threw a football around with my family. It was very fun, I haven’t done it in a long time. I would much rather throw a football myself than watch a football game.

What’s your favorite sport? (To watch or play) I have way too many. Tennis is one of them. I haven’t been to play in a while though. I need to get back into being active again. It’s healthier. I love anything that involves activity or a ball. If it can be made into a game, I think it’s fun. I envy kids, who get to do these types of things all the time. As we get older, we just gradually stop playing games. I hope I always enjoy it and never stop playing when I get the chance. It’s fun to play a game of baseball for example. Kids aren’t the only ones alowed to have fun!

I have to commend my grandparents. They water skied into their 80’s. They’ve finally pretty much quit, which is probably safer. I was starting to worry about them crashing and hurting themselves. Heck, at any age you can hurt yourself. It’s just more likely when you’re older. I look up to them and respect them quite a bit for keeping with it for so long, though. For staying so active so long. Not many people are active even when their young, and even if they are, as they get older, life tends to get in the way. That happened to me. But since I’m an adult now I better become more active or I’ll get fat. 😂 I’m starting to be able to tell that my teenage metabolism is going away. Besides, I like food way too much not to exercise…

It’s hard to get back into shape, but I hope to soon. Baby steps! I have to be a little careful due to some medical stuff, so it can be very frustrating. I’m sure some people out there understand. Don’t ever give up! Even if it’s baby exercises at first, or even if that’s all you can ever physically do, that’s much better than nothing. Exercising makes you feel better, too. Mentally and physically. I can’t wait to get back into shape!

If you still have Grandparent’s, let today be a reminder to go see them more often. They won’t be around forever. On the contrary, your kids won’t be young forever. Your kids love to see their grandparents, too! Don’t forget them! Today is a good time to remember to be grateful and appreciate our Grandparent’s, and our parents for being our kids Grandparent’s. I don’t have kids (Thank goodness, I’m way too young for that) but I know it’s hard just from looking with my eyes! Keeping the kids for you for a night or two is probably pretty great, huh? A slight repreieve from all of the responsibilities and stress of having kids. Kids are wonderful and one of the greatest joys in life, but they can be exhausting. Make sure to thank your parents for keeping them for a bit!

Life always tends to get in the way, whether it’s exercising or seeing your family. Make sure to make time for the things that are important, and don’t let being busy make you forget what’s really important. Life flies by, so do it today and not tomorrow.

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