Girls’ Incomprehensible Minds ~ Staying Positive ~ Life Problems

Sometimes when girls don’t feel good, they like to look good instead. A guy wouldn’t understand. (At least I do occasionally) Every now and then when I feel like crap (I have headaches) I’ll dress up for no reason and it makes me feel a little better. Although I do this rarely. Maybe I’m the only one, but I don’t think so. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (Hope not) Surely there is someone else out there who has done the same thing when they felt bad. 😂

Girls just like to feel pretty sometimes, no reason for it. I even took stupid selfies where I look very self absorbed. I’m not I promise! I was just pretending to make model type faces (or my idea of them) for fun. No one will ever understand a girls mind, we don’t even understand it ourself most of the time.

It might be really stupid, but I’ve kind of been having a hard time lately, feeling bad pretty much every day for a few months. I’ve had headaches since I was 12 and had 5 surgeries for them. Unfortunately I still have them, although not as bad, but my headaches have been bad lately. It’s very frustrating and discouraging, so what’s the harm in feeling good about myself for once? It’s a nice change to wear a dress and put on make up from pajamas and looking like a bum all the time. I may seem like I’m trying to get attention, but I’m really just venting.

Everyone has problems, they’re all just different. Mine happen to be headaches. I hope someone out there can relate. Feeling good about youself for one day after months of feeling bad is a nice thing in my opinion.

God and my family have pulled me through a lot, so I can’t give up now! I try to stay positive and not get discouraged, and I think we all should, no matter what our problems may be. A positive attitude will change your life, I’m certain of that. Keep your head held high, and be happy with yourself, no matter what flaws you may have. No one is perfect. 🙂

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