Life’s Decisions

We make decisions more often than we think that affect the rest of our lifes. Whether it’s how we look back on ourselves in the future, the people that are in our lives or are not in our lives, or the paths that we take.

It can vary so much as to changing the color of your hair, getting a piercing or permanent tattoo, to cutting ties with a family member or deciding to have a baby. Maybe it’s a decision to take a job offer where you have to move away from everything you’ve known your whole life. Giving something important up because you know you can’t afford it anymore. Struggles that everyday people deal with.

No matter what decision it may be, or how significant or insignificant, it all matters. This realization can be a very heavy one and is sometimes hard to deal with. All of the decisions in life can weigh you down if you think about them too much or all at once.

That’s something that I’ve been struggling with myself. Do I do this? Do I not do that? Which path do I take and which do I chose? Life is very stressful and can be hard if you let it. What’s important is to take a step back, take a deep breath, and relax. Things will work out. Take one thing on at a time and you’ll be golden. Don’t try to take the world on all at once, no one can do that!

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