Wow Moments ~ Ungraceful ~ Klutz

Does anyone else do the most ungracful things at the worst times possible? Or just, you know…on a daily basis…? Just me? I sure hope not.

Example and exhibit A~ literally 10 minutes ago, I sneezed so hard that I slipped and fell on my butt. Yeah stuff like that happens in real life, to me, 24/7. I mean,  granted that I was on hardwood floor and in socks, but still…this stuff doesn’t happen to ANYONE else around me! It’s unfair, but at the same time I believe that it gives me an irresistiblely cute charm. I mean… How else can I look at it? Positive thinking is the key! Otherwise my constant clumsiness would just be flat out depressing. So yes, I’ll just say that it makes me seem cute…

(…Just let me believe it.)

My boyfriend hardly ever has a clumsy moment, so trust me when I say I love it when he does, but I am so jealous. He’s so smooth and can act cool on cue, and it’s NOT FAIR.

So, we like a large variety of music. He’s tried to get me to rap before…that did not go well.  It doesn’t come out semi-cool or even sounding like rap at all. I’m lucky if I can even get 10 words right.  I try to act cool sometimes to match my boyfriend, and every single time it turns into a disaster in one form or another. Usually someone (typical him for some reason-poor guy) ends up getting hurt somehow.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally jabbed him in the eyes with my nails or fingers, accidentally kicked him, accidentally hit him in the junk with one of my body parts, etc. -I don’t even know how I do these things so often and on such a regular basis… I don’t know how it’s possible to do these things so frequently, honestly. It shouldn’t be possible. I also step on him quiet often, but thankfully I’m fairly petite and small so that doesn’t hurt too bad. He has tough feet. Thankfully!

I swear I’m accident prone; to myself and I make the people around me accident prone, too. My boyfriend gets the brunt of it though, unfortunately for him..

I even try to be careful, and I still end up doing something clumsy. I either trip, drop something(my phone hits the floor at least once a day), drop food on myself somehow even when I’m careful, spill a drink, bump into something or someone-every time we go anywhere he has to keep a hawk eye on me and at a moments notice reach out and steer me away from running into someone or something, or I just say something ridiculously awkward. That’s the worst for me, speaking out loud…especially around people I’m uncomfortable around like his parents. Yikes. I really should just stay quiet. I get nervous of saying something stupid, so that guarantees me saying something stupid.

I’m amazed my boyfriend has put up with the accidental abuse and management of me, he must really love me. It’s not like it happens daily, I mean I only see him once a week, but still… It’s unusual and unnatural how clumsy I am.

Well hopefully I’m not the only one out there who’s a klutz. But since I have no followers, no one will even read this, so who’s going to judge me? I can’t be the only one though! To all of my fellow clumsy cute girls out there, don’t change. We’re great just the way we are. 😊 It’s our charm.

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