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Today I was brainstorming on the fiction/supernatural/romance book that I’m writing, and I FINALLY made some great headway!

The main character has trauma and memory loss, but I couldn’t think of any reasons for it. What was the traumatic event that caused her to lose her memory? I finally thought of an answer.

Also, I couldn’t think of how the bad guy fit into the story. I had no clue what the reason was for him to be targeting her, I just knew that there was a deep meaning behind it. I finally figured out his role and his connection to the main character.

I also figured out a little bit more of the relationship with her childhood friend/best friend. He’s a very important character but I needed to focus on their childhood a bit more, how they met and became close. That’s something I’ll need to think more on.

I started this story not knowing where to go with it (that’s what usually happens actually) but I had a decent outline. It’s just hard figuring everything out in the story. People who’ve never written probably wouldn’t think about it, but there are so many different aspects to writing and I’m a complete beginner.

Let’s see, there’s the plot of course. You have to make sure the entire time you write that everything is going in the direction you want it to, so conversations in the story can be tricky. There are the in between parts with no talking where you have to describe places you either imagine or real world places that you’ve never been and have to research. There is a lot of research involved in writing. You have to describe the characters thoughts throughout the story.

The interactions between characters is hard. What I struggle the most with is the characters themselves. Their personalities, how they think, how they react. You really have to understand people to create multiple different characters with different personalities. You have to think about things like, what makes this person laugh, what makes this person tick, why is this person the way they are, what happened to them in their life to make them the person they are, how do they think, how do they feel? I struggle with that. I’m not very good at reading people or understanding them, much less how they think. Especially guys. Guys are a complete mystery to me, so they’re hard to write.

I’ve been working on this book off and on for 3 years, but I’ve never taken it very seriously. I just thought, well since I’m still so young, where is it going to go even if I do finish it? I started this book at 17 years old. Now that I’m a little older and slightly more mature, I realize that I really want to finish this book and make a career out of writing if I can.

I’m currently working on 3 different books, but I decided to focus mainly on this book. I’m trying to figure out a good strategy to get this book finished in a decent amount of time. Until I find a good solution I’ll be writing as often as I can and have the foal of writing at least 3-5 times a week.

I’m now realizing that you’re never too young to accomplish your dreams. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back, and just do what you love!

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