New beginning, Spring

Has anyone other than me thought of spring as a possible new beginning, or a new start? Most people would of course say that the answer should be New Year’s, hence New Year’s resolutions. I, on the other hand, like spring.

Spring cleaning makes you feel fresh again. It’s good to keep things clean in order to keep a calm mind. Disorderliness can stress you out, more than you know. I tend to let clutter build up, so spring is definitely good for people like myself.

Spring is also great for getting your fitness back up to par, for those of us who slacked off over winter and gained a few fluffy pounds. Nothing makes you feel better than getting your swimsuit body back!

Most of all, the aspect that I love most about spring is the scenery. Being immersed in the surrounding greenery and blue sky, enveloped in the fresh scent of new growth, and hearing the symphony of singing birds in the morning and frogs in the evening.

The only downfall is that pollen kills me (I have allergies) so I sneeze constantly, but it’s completely worth it.

Every season has its own pros and cons, and those are different for every person, but I think spring is beautiful. In my eyes, the new growth is a symbol of how I myself can grow and become a better me.

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