Monday’s are Monday’s

Monday’s are usually not the highlight of one’s week. It just accentuates how much longer you have until the weekend, when most people have off of work.

Of course there are also those who work weekends and have Monday’s off, so on the contrary, that is most likely their highlight of the week.

Days off of work, no matter when they are (unless your a workaholic, nothing wrong with that of course) are usually looked forward to. I know I do. Time to relax, unwind the tension that has built up during the week, and to get some projects around the house done, or simply have some fun.

I for one am very much looking forward to the summer, when I can go outside and swim on my days off. Or read a book in the lush grass underneath the nice, cool shade of a tree. Iced tea and ice cream on hot days… In my opinion, summer is definitely worth looking forward to. Unlike Monday’s… (for me at least😉)

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