Could a Day be Better?

Horseback riding is so fun and therapeutic. It’s relaxing (on a good horse) and exciting at the same time. Learning a discipline in riding is also very fun, albeit hard, but pleasure riding is where it’s at when you want a fun, relaxing ride.
I went on a ride with my friend yesterday. It was the first time riding both of these boys since bringing them home. It’s always a bit nerve wracking riding new horses, but they were so good.
Isn’t it funny how the horse is always more photogenic than the human? It’s just now starting to get into the 90% with high humidity where I live. So rides will be early in the morning, just like this one!
When you find a friend that clicks with you, you don’t want to let go. I can’t wait to make so many memories with this handsome boy! This was literally a dream come true. I had been dreaming of a ride this perfect for so many years, and it finally became reality!
The view was so spectacular. This is definitely a plus of horseback riding. For all of you animal lovers out there with a need for adventure, I highly recommend trying horseback riding at least once. At a reputable barn with safe horses that know what they’re doing, even if the rider doesn’t.
When the horses decide they want your lunch! This was so comical. After this, they dozed until we were done eating. Having a little picnic during a ride is the best! You use muscles you aren’t used to and work up an appetite.
Riding in a big field at a full out gallop is a feeling like no other. It’s exhilarating. Free.
After hosing off the sweat-drenched horses. They appreciated the cold water! Even though we scraped all of the water off with a squeegee they were still wet and shiny!

Getting Outside is Good

Right now, with all of the Covid19 craziness, it’s important to get some fresh air. Sit on your porch. Work on your garden, or make one. Mow the lawn. Play fetch with your pupper. Go on a walk or hike. Have a picnic under a shady tree. Start an outdoor project. Fresh air is good for us, and being outside helps fight depression and anxiety.

For those who haven’t been able to go outside due to quarantine, music and exercise are very helpful as well. There are plenty of great exercises online that you can even do in your living room! For those who have the option of getting outside, make sure not to let the opportunity pass by! Even walking your dog can help lift your mood. Nature has a way of healing us.

For me, I feel God in nature. It lifts my spirits and makes me appreciate life. Appreciate the ability to be able to see, hear, touch and smell this amazing world that we live in. Sometimes it’s good just to stop and be thankful for all of the little things we take for granted.

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